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Tree pruning dictionary

tree care haute Savoie - Elagage haute savoie

All about Tree Care and tree pruning in french

Do you know how to take care of your trees?

Do you know how to make basic maintenance of your garden trees?

Do you know how to grow your tree faster?

« Elagage Haute Savoie » is a blog specializing in tree care and maintenance in french.

You will find on the french site:

  • Understanding our working method and how we get good results by cutting trees.
  • Differents ways to cut your trees
  • Differents ways to shoot down your trees
  • lifting of trees with excavators
  • others highly effective tree cares methods
  • Ecologic landscaping tutorial
  • Security part according to tree care
  • Videos and tutorials in french
  • related new concerning trees
  • and much more

Here are the translations (english -french) of the essential terms relating to tree care as landscape solutions and their respective links to the french posts:


Haute-Savoie Tree pruning  – elagage haute Savoie

Tree service – services d’élagage

Tree removals  – abattage d’arbre

Certified Arborist – certifié arboriste grimpeur

lifting of trees – Arrachage d’arbre

tree care – soin des arbres

shaping a tree- taille de structure d’un arbre

mulch reduction process – procédé de broyage pour mulching

emergency tree service – service d’intervention d’urgence dans les arbres.

Tree planting – plantation d’arbres

stump grinding – rognage de souche

For further translations, visit http://dictionary.reverso.net/

To access the main french site, click here: Elagage haute Savoie


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